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Feeding from the heart to the Soul

At Mosadie Gives Back (MGB) our goal is to provide healthy and nutritious meals to families in the Tafelsig area that are unable to feed their children on a regular basis.

What started in 2017 as providing meals to a few hundred children has grown into serving 40 000 meals per month

Please support our efforts by donating funds of even food.

If we dont't feed these children they dont eat



Uplifting the Spirit of the Tafelsig  Community 

Shanaaz Allie, a fearless and courageous warrior heard the quiet hum of childrens hungry bellies around her.  

The quiet hum grew to a massive roar with people of all ages knocking on her door and asking for food.  

Because Shanaaz knows what it's like to be hungry and living alone on the streets, she started feeding these beautiful and very hungry children out of her own kitchen using the profits she made from her small hair salon to buy extra food. 

What started out as feeding 500 children three times a week has turned into the Mosadie Gives Back organization, serving 40,000 meals per month.  

Together with Shanaaz’s entire family, some of her hair salon clients and a group of volunteers they work tirelessly to enrich the Tafelsig community by providing small paying jobs to locals, organizing fun events for the children, and ensuring as many people as possible have food in their bellies.  

To uplift the community even further Shanaaz planted a vegetable garden, and organized local sports teams. The soccer team is well known for winning their matches. Right now they use a make shift sports field with grass growing up to their knees but that doesn't deter them. 

Shanaaz doesn't have time to sleep, if she is not working in her hair salon she can be cooking food, running a committee meeting, sewing soccer uniforms or just lending a helping. She is not afraid of digging ditches or even pouring concrete. She is the strongest and most honourable person you would be lucky to meet. 

Shanaaz has been a resident of Tafelsig for 25 years where she has witnessed extreme poverty. 

If you are thinking about donating to a worthy cause I would urge you to consider Mosadie Gives Back. This grass roots soup kitchen is committed to uplifting the spirit of the community and would welcome your donation.


“No Hunger Policy For the Community of Mitchells Plain”

If we don't feed these children, they don't eat

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10 Theresa Street,Mitchells Heights, Tafelsig,  Mitchells Plain, 7785 Mitchells Plain

Mobile: 078 200 7694

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