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"Mother Theresa of Mitchells Plain"


Shanaaz Allie is well known in the community as the "Mother Theresa" of Mitchells Plain and is the founder of Mosadie Gives Back. The Soup Kitchen started out in 2017 where Shanaaz worked at her Hairdressing Salon Called Mosadie Hair six days a week. On the seventh day she fed the children using R8,000.00 a month from her profits of her hair salon. As time has gone on and especially now during the Covid-19 Pandemic, she is now feeding the community with a hearty meal twice a week, handing out food parcels and giving encouragement to her desperate community. As a resident of Tafelsig for 25 years, she has witnessed extreme poverty and is constantly reminded of her of her own youth, growing up on the street hungry and scared. The children she feeds are as young as two years old and come from homes of abuse, neglect and/or extreme poverty. She made a promise to herself at a young age to help feed the hungry when she had the means. 

She is a remarkable warrior, and through her belief in G-d, hard work and determination she became a qualified hairdresser in her late teens. Thirty years later overcoming many obstacles she was able to open Mosadie Hair, a hair salon in Sea Point, Cape Town.  She employs five full time staff from her community and continues to struggle to keep afloat.She lives a humble life, she has no car, she takes public transport, and she supports her entire family.

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